Coffee in Nature




I am a constant dreamer and dedicated optimist.  I believe life is about growing and improving constantly whether personally or professionally.  It is our obligation as humans to think big, dream big, and live the fullest life possible.


To me, hair is the perfect blend of art, chemistry, physics, and geometry.  Hair is a fabric to be molded.  It moves, flows, reflects, highlights, shadows, covers, and grows.  All of these elements allow for endless creativity but most of all, it is attached to a person!  THIS is the reason I became a hairstylist.  

Few careers in life can bring the joy this unique position offers.  I am allowed the ability to brighten someone's day, lift their spirits, and help them see the beauty in themselves.  I pride myself on the honest, creative, and personal relationship I have with all my guests and I value each and everyone of them as they all help me achieve my DREAMS in life.